This song was written with Fourth Graders at Beverly J Martin School in Ithaca, NY as part of a Hangar Theatre Project 4  play about the Revolutionary War.

Songwriting, Assemblies and Residencies

John has been working in schools since the early '70s when he was a paid Youth worker in the school library of PS 28 in Manhattan. He's been certified as a classroom teacher for grades K - 8 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since 1982 and was Director of Drug & Alcohol Prevention for the Johnson City (NY) Schools in the mid '80s. 

Since then his work has included: 

Assemblies for grades K - 12, 

Artist Residencies for grades 2 - 5, and 

Workshops for secondary school students. 

All with an eye on establishing a connection between group 

participants as well as delivering relevant curricular content!


From the CD Songs of the Sunflowers, created by the Sunflower Room First Graders at Belle Sherman Elementary School in Ithaca, NY. The school population includes students from around the globe who speak many different languages. This recording is a celebration of the diversity of cultures represented in the Sunflower Room.