From the recording Every Time You Walk in the Room

Radio London is one of Ithaca's best dance bands, playing great tunes from the golden age of Top 40 radio. The nucleus of the band (together for nearly 30 years) is the trio of Jon Hilton (bass guitar), John Simon (acoustic guitar and vocals) and Ken Zeserson (saxophone, electric guitar, vocals). The current line-up also features Dan Lashkoff (drums and vocals) and Mike Vitucci (lead guitar).
Past members have included Mark Cushman, Fred Koslov, Jan Nigro, Neal Massa and personal sound man Eric Humerez.

Featuring a tight rhythm section, sizzling instrumental soloing and shimmering 3- and 4-part harmonies, the band draws from a deep setlist of classic British Invasion tunes (Beatles, Searchers, Stones, Zombies), along with an engaging blend of surf instrumentals, obscure nuggets from a bunch of American bands and lots of sonic surprises.

 [l-r: Dan L., Ken Z, Jon H, John S, Mike V]