Into the 21st Century....

Welcome to John Simon's new-and-improved on-line headquarters! After years of wrestling with an archaic design that wouldn't let me update photos (I was eternally stuck at age 42), I'm excited to launch this new user-friendly interactive site. Things are constantly changing around here and I hope to keep the world informed of new developments in a timely fashion.


Major musical projects include the bands Radio London, the Yardvarks and the 18 Strings of Love. There's also the musical world of WVBR-FM, Ithaca's long-time "real rock radio" station which airs John's Rockin' Remnants and Vinyl Departure shows. And then there are the musical projects that grow out of John's work with the Family Reading Partnership, The Hangar Theatre and his independent school programs. Plenty to write about over the coming months and years.


I hope you'll check this spot regularly for brand-new audio clips, new photos, news about the new recordings which are in the works and more. In's one we just recorded yesterday. These are 4th Graders from Newfield Elementary School, from their play about Equality as an important component of Citizenship. PLAY IT when you're ready.

See you right after the holiday break!