If a tree falls....

It's a stormy weekend here in the northeast. Toasty and cozy in our wood-heated home, and eerily quiet and comforting as cars have been ordered to stay off the roads  -  you could almost hear the snow falling out there  -  but stormy, nonetheless. A great night to hunker down with an old music movie ("The Commitments"  -  remember the Dublin soul band?) and curl up with my sweetheart for a quiet night at home. That is...until the reverie was shattered by the crashing sound of a falling tree, inches from the wall behind us. Branches and tendrils are actually touching the window pane.  It's a miracle that it didn't break the glass (or land on our roof  -  or come through the house and land on us).

Right now everything's covered by this fresh blanket of snow. When it melts we'll be faced with the task of cutting it all down to size, dealing with the fallen twigs and bark scraps and figuring out just what happened back there. Our house is surrounded by trees and some of them are not well. We depend on them for shade in the summer (no air conditioning units at our house). Our squirrels and birds live in them. It's a complicated relationship.

In that spirit, here's one of my favorite songs. The tree in question is different from the fallen tree out back. Thanks to videographer Tony Ingraham for his work here  -  and to my mates from the Fine Kettle of Fish (Fred Koslov, David Frumkin and Stuart Douglas). Love your trees.